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Ohio Pressure Wash Inc. uses environmentally friendly detergents to clean and brighten your home’s appearance.  We use soft bristle brushes and scrub the exterior of your siding to remove streaking, dirt, mildew, oxidation, grim, nests of pests, and we also remove flaking of paint if necessary for paint prep.  We tarp all of your shrubs and flowers to protect them, not from our detergents, but on hot days you do not want to shock your plants with an abundance of water. 


If your roof is covered with those ugly black streaks then you've come to the right place!  First of all, that's not dirt up there on your roof.  It's a very hard algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.  It's a living organism that can't be rinsed off with soap and water. Over time the bio has entangled itself into the granules of your roof and feeding off of the limestone dust that the shingle manufacturer's put into their shingles. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about it anymore!  We provide a professional cleaning service that will completely eradicate any living organism that may of found its way onto your roof and other exterior surfaces.  We are experts in a very specialized, very gentle, cleaning process that uses safe, biodegradable chemicals to kill and remove the microscopic issue up there eating your roof! 


Your concrete floor needs periodic deep cleaning and sealing to enhance its beauty and extend its life. Sweeping and mopping is important, but these techniques only get it superficially clean. Since dirt and grime build up slowly on a concrete floor, it can be difficult for you to determine when it could benefit from professional attention. We complete a detailed analysis of your concrete surface (i.e. sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.) and remove anything stuck to it such as yard debris, chewing gum or litter. Next, we use professional-grade scrubbing equipment and environmentally safe chemicals to loosen and remove all dirt and debris from your concrete surface. This is a delicate procedure that requires in-depth knowledge of concrete flooring surfaces. We then use a heated high-pressure extraction machine to prep for sealing. The next step involves applying an environmentally safe industrial strength sealant to your floor. The sealant we use has been specifically designed for concrete and will prevent your floor from absorbing any new stains. Our process provides long-term protection from many foreign elements.


Decks are subject to all types of weather—heat, rain, snow, wind—all of which can lead to premature aging and damage. If your deck has started to show the effects of extreme weather and age, Ohio Pressure Wash can help you restore its former beauty. We proudly offer professional deck sealing services quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space as soon as possible. We know how to restore decks in all stages of disrepair. Whether you need minor deck staining services or complete sealing services, you can trust our highly-trained team.


We clean windows to perfection. If you like to have clean windows on your premises, then you should contact us. We work on all types of windows; there is no need of stressing yourself trying to clean the dirty windows in your home or commercial premises, we have highly qualified professionals whom we can deploy, and they will work on your windows till they are immaculate. When it comes to the rates, we are among the best in the industry. Our rates depend on the type of window you will like to clean as well as the level of dirt. There are some detergents which cannot work well on certain windows. Our professionals know the best detergents which we can use for you to enjoy the eco-friendly environment.




We are your one-stop shop for all of your office cleaning and commercial business cleaning needs. Our expertly-trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment have made us Northeast Ohio's commercial cleaning authority. With our complete commercial clean approach to cleaning a commercial property, our expertly trained and certified technicians are able to provide your business with all of these commercial cleaning services. We also offer commercial weekly and monthly maintenance plans.


Cold weather and snow can cause major problems during the months of a Northeast Ohio winter.  Our winter services include roof shoveling and roof de-icing.  Heavy accumulations of snow on your roof can cause the build up of ice over your gutters and soffits.  The warm air from your home causes the roof snow to melt, when that water collects over your soffits, it freezes and starts forming ice dams.  The ice dams can cause damage to your home just by the weight of them, additionally keeping water from exiting your roof, where it can eventually work its way into your home. 


Do you have a fleet of company vehicles that need to be cleaned on a regular basis? Then you need to take advantage of our company fleet washing service. We can clean any type of vehicle, including buses, delivery trucks, mail carriers and tractor trailers. There is nothing on the road that we can't clean and maintain. Ohio Pressure Wash is equipped to wash hundreds of fleet vehicles a day while recovering our wash water during the process.


We clean the inside as well as the outside of your gutters!  For the inside we hand clean your gutters, then we flush them to make sure all your downspouts are working properly to prevent water from backing up in your house.  Also, we use a soft bristle brush to clean the exterior of your gutters to get those nasty black streaks from your gutters.  This process is safe and you will be amazed on how much cleaner your home will look with bright white gutters and fascia.   


“Ohio Pressure Wash made my home and driveway look new and clean again.”

Michael Paul - Hudson, Ohio.

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