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Residential Pressure Cleaning Services



Ohio Pressure Wash Inc. uses environmentally friendly detergents to clean and brighten your home’s appearance.  We use soft bristle brushes and scrub the exterior of your siding to remove streaking, dirt, mildew, oxidation, grim, nests of pests, and we also remove flaking of paint if necessary for paint prep.  We tarp all of your shrubs and flowers to protect them, not from our detergents, but on hot days you do not want to shock your plants with an abundance of water. 

Ohio Pressure Wash Inc. can clean all types of siding:

Vinyl * Aluminum * Wood * Stucco * Brick

****We can also get the yellow stain off your siding****



Ohio Pressure Wash Inc. cleans the inside as well as the outside of your gutters!  For the inside we hand clean your gutters, then we flush them to make sure all your downspouts are working properly to prevent water from backing up in your house.  Also, we use a soft bristle brush to clean the exterior of your gutters to get those nasty black streaks from your gutters.  This process is safe and you will be amazed on how much cleaner your home will look with bright white gutters and fascia.