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Industrial Services



* Fleet Washing * Factory and Warehouse Cleaning * Heavy Equipment


Industrial business can be extremely dangerous at times, why make it anymore dangerous by having faulty equipment from lack of maintance, due to filth. Ohio Pressure Wash Inc. can come to your place of work and clean the grim, dirt, soot, and road tar from your equipment to make it easier to service and increase your company image.

We Clean:
* Semi Trucks and Trailers
* Vans, Cars, Tow motors
* Bull Dozers
* All Types of Heavy Equipment and more…
We Remove:
* Rust, Loose Paint
* Grease, Oil, Sludge
* Mud, Dirt, Dust
* Road Soot, Stains, Etc...

Factory work can be dusty, dirty work.  Let Ohio Pressure Wash Inc. come in and clean oil spills, dirt/dusty floors that could be dangerous for workers to walk over day after day.  This may cause injury due to slipping.  “We clean anything cleanable” just give us a call with any of your factory or Industrial concerns and we can help you increase production and have workers satisfaction increase!

We Clean:
* Factories
* Warehouses
* Loading Docks
* "Anything Cleanable"
We Remove:
* Oil, Grease, Tar
* Dirt, Dust, Containments
* Non Toxic Spills
* "Anything Removable"